Manufacturers of Fine Academic and Legal Dress
Paul Fielder has been the owner and Managing Director of Étude Classique Ltd. since 2000. He has a professional background in engineering and project management. He is also a Fellow of the Burgon Society, a British-based organisation dedicated to the maintenance of standards of academic dress. The society is presided over by The Bishop of London and the Dean of St.Paul's Cathedral, and led by enthusiasts several of whom are the authors of respected literature on the subject and often called upon to design academic dress for institutions around the world.

This is one reason why our business interests coincide with our strongly held opinion that graduation represents one of the most important occasions in a graduate's life. The regalia worn for their ceremony should be of a quality appropriate to the dignity of their university or college and the gravity of the occasion. It is recorded by photographs they will treasure for many years, and represents the pinnacle of the achievement of years of devotion of their lives to study.

Proudly New Zealand

Our policy is to use local skills and resources and local products and services wherever possible. We have built up a dedicated team of specialists to produce a wide array of fine regalia to first class international standards. This organisation includes designers, tailors, sewing specialists, embroiderers, pattern makers and milliners, amongst others. Many have come from fashion houses of first class brands. Some of these have been lecturers in their subject, and they are uniformly proud and passionate about their work.
Manufacturers of Fine Academic and Legal Dress
Our Team
Paul Fielder, Managing Director
BSc(Eng), CEng, MIET, FBS