Manufacturers of Fine Academic and Legal Dress
Products Include :
Our Products And Services
• Academic gowns
• Academic hoods
• Trenchers ("Mortar Boards")
• Doctoral Bonnets
• Diploma scarves and stoles
• Special gowns (Mayoral, Chancellor etc.)
• Barrister gowns
• QC gowns
• Bar jackets
• Legal gown bags
• Choir gowns
• Church robes
Services Include :
• Manufacturing the above on an individual or bulk order basis
• Designing new items with dedicated format, colours, fabrics, logos etc.
• Adding embroidery to existing items
Our gowns are of a quality superior to other gowns available on the market, they handle more easily and need less maintenance. They are individually made from high quality suiting material, and carefully pleated for a superior finish and greater comfort. All sizes can be accommodated.

Apparel for clients who qualified from academic institutions in many parts of the world can be manufactured to order, notably the UK, USA and Australia, as we maintain a large resource of records.

Fabrics for some types of robes can be selected from a range, including polyester, polyester/viscose, microfibre, wool, silk, or various blends of these.